10 Summer Items to Store This Fall


1. Boats, canoes and kayaks – You won’t be fishing again until the spring, and water sports are out.  Treat your water gear to the winter storage it deserves.


2. The faithful camper – This takes a lot of space in the garage, and it’s not really designed to handle extreme temperatures.  Storing your camper indoors will extend it’s life.


3. The other camping gear – Tents, tarps can take the cold but why let them take up space in your home?  You won’t be using them until spring so put them in storage and out of your way


4. Patio Furniture – Fabric patio chairs aren’t meant for soaking up freezing rain, nor is plastic furniture covered in snow make them brittle in the spring. 


5. Summer clothes and bedding – Why drag everything up to the attic or stuff closet shelves up to the top.  It is easier to store your items in a storage unit.


6. Gardening equipment – You won’t be doing edging or mowing for a while, so store that stuff away from the elements.  Make sure you give it all a nice clean up now rather than in the spring.


7. The kids pool and assorted toys – Pack up the kiddie pool and deflate the beach balls.  All these things will keep better in your storage unit


8. Your pool equipment – Filters and hoses fit in the pool house but freezing temperatures take a toll on everything.  Move these items into your storage unit.


9. The barbecue – This is a hard call but do you really want to sear steaks in the freezing cold? Clean up your cooking buddy and store it away so critters won’t make them their winter home.


10. Coolers – These handy haulers pull double duty, they can also be used as air tight containers in your storage unit