Father’s Day in June 2015

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Each year, when June rolls around, I can’t help but to think of my dad and Father’s Day.  For those of you who don’t know this, Father’s Day falls on the 3rd Sunday of June.  This year, it falls on the 21st which is fast approaching. 

Fond memories of my childhood overwhelm me with emotion this time of year.   Growing up, father’s day meant that Dad was spoiled with breakfast of his choice, homemade gifts made with love and care (paper ties, cards made with sparkles and plenty of hugs and kisses).   Dad would chase us around the house; we would run with glee and laughter (there were 5 of us).    Happiness and laughter filled the house every day, but Father’s day was special.  It was one day dad didn’t have to go to work and it meant going to Canatara Park for a picnic of Kentucky Fried Chicken, playing on the swings and slides, visiting the animal farm and swimming until dusk at the beach.  The day flew by, none of us wanted to see it end. 

As the years passed, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, children and grand children were all celebrated with great happiness and joy.  Because of my parents, especially my dad, we were raised in a very loving and caring environment.  Fortunately, my own children share the values instilled in me by my dad and now, they are instilling them in their own children.

Even though we lost my dad on the eve of his 69th birthday, in April of 1994, after a short and courageous battle with cancer, his memory will be forever in our thoughts.

Fathers is a day to recognize all fathers, including grandfathers, for their everyday role in our lives and for their support, love and care shown over the years.

Some say Father’s Day is an outcome of American greed, a ‘Hallmark holiday’ aimed to sell more cards, flowers and ties.  But that’s OK with me.  The world is a better place because of Father’s Day.

Wherever you are Dad, Happy Father’s Day

Father's Day