Why Choose Campbell Street Mini-Storage For Self Storage?

Campbell Street Mini-Storage Bill monthly
Other Companies Bill every 4 weeks or the first of the month
How this benefits you! You only pay for the amount of time you are in storage. You are billed from the day you move in. You do not have to pay up to the 1st of the month
Campbell Street Mini-Storage Guarantee our rate for 1 year
Other Companies Increase rate every 5,8 and 12 months
How this benefits you They get you in the door with a low rent and sometimes 99% off, but increase your rent up to 3 times per year. Sometimes over & above what their posted rates are. You think you will only be in storage for a couple of months, but the average person ends up staying 6-8 months. You will end up paying more over the length of time you stay. We guarantee no rate increases for a minimum 1 year.
Campbell Street Mini-Storage No hidden Fees ($19.95 lock fee only)
Other Companies You must pay admin fees & customer insurance.
How this benefits you They say 99% off but you must pay up to a $30 admin fee and insurance is not optional you must pay up to $15 per month. That free month now costs you $45 + $15 extra in insurance per month. We charge only $19.95 for a “disc” lock. These are special locks that are hard to cut with bolt cutters and are required on all units. If you already have one, great use it & we will not charge you. If not we will sell you a lock at our cost of $16.95 to you. We do not make a profit on our locks. Once you buy the lock it is yours to keep. You can use it the next time you rent with us.
Campbell Street Mini-Storage Late Fees $5 after 5, 10, 15 & 20 days Invoices emailed for free
Other Companies $1 per day. Charge for invoices
How this benefits you We email you invoices at no charge and call you after 2, 5, 10 & 15 days to remind you about your rent. You can pay online through your bank, leave a credit card number, use our 24 hour payment kiosk or come in & see us. We are open 6 days a week
Campbell Street Mini-Storage Locally Owned by Melissa Parsons and Sheila Clifford
Other Companies Corporations owned out of the U.S.
How this benefits you You are not just a number to us, we care about you and your belongings. We shop local and the money goes back into Sarnia and Ontario. 20% of our customers are repeat & 20% of our customers are referral. We do our best to make sure you are a satisfied customer.
Campbell Street Mini-Storage Drive up Access
Other Companies Converted warehouses
How this benefits you We are traditional self storage where you drive right up to your unit to load & unload. No need to wait for an elevator or go for a long walk down a hallway. Our customers feel better being outside close to their vehicle not in a long hallway
Campbell Street Mini-Storage Refund unused rent
Other Companies No refunds
How this benefits you We have a 30 day or 1 mnth minimum. After that if you have paid for another month & only use 1-3 weeks of it, if requested we will refund the balance. That way you are only paying for the time you are in storage. Other companies do not refund prepaid rent. So the money you saved on the cheap first month is gone because you are paying for an increased rent last month.